DVD Authoring • Duplication
Development • Production
  1. Programs, Trailer, Teaser for TV

  2. Commercials for TV, WEB, Cinema

  3. Teaching and Therapy DVDs

  4. Video Clips • Short Films • Vídeo Dance

  5. Multimedia Projections for Theater, Concerts, Nightclubs

Video Productions • Also via WEB
Event Recording
  1. Dance, Theater, Concerts, etc.

  2. Seminars • Workshops

Production Services

for TV, Cinema, Commercials, DVD

  1. Organization, Realization, Logistics

  2. Equipment, Professionals, Locations, Castings

  1. Development & Authoring of DVDs

  2. Duplication & Printing of DVD/CD

Image Processing
  1. Editing

  2. 3D Animations

  3. Special FX

  4. Color Corrections

  5. Digitizing and Transferring of old video formats to DVD (VHS, etc)

Studios & Equipmenthttp://www.audiovision-studios.com/studiohaus.htmlshapeimage_24_link_0

All over the year! Outdoor productions on Tenerife!

With 330 days of sunshine, his constant spring climate and the spectacular landscapes that range from sea shores and high alpine mountains to desert zones, Tenerife offers a unique variety of nature scenes and urban locations within one hour's drive.

The Studio House and our Guesthouses can be the creative centerpoint and seat of your production.

Many years of experience in all areas of professional video production for TV, DVD and the commercial market, and the comprehensive technical and creative possibilities of the studio house provide a broad platform for all steps of your project.

  1. High technical standard of the 4 production and recording studios

  2. Comprehensive production services - own local logistics

  3. Productions via WEB are handled via FTP or courier services

  4. Big Picture Archives

  1. Three multifunctional editing places for animation, editing & post production with APPLE hardware & software

  2. Own recording studio o

  3. Cameras, tripods, lights, mics ..

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Studio House for Audio, Video, Photo Production, Tenerife

" Leave the winter´s grey behind
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