Professional Photo Produktionen on Teneriffa

Planning, organization and realization of professional photo productions,

private photo sessions and artistic LIVE sessions for special events.

  1. Photo Studio

  2. Production Services

  3. Creative Concept Development

  4. Digital Post

  5. Pre-print

Private Photo Sessions
  1. Portraits

  2. Photo Books

  3. Nudes

  4. Artistic Sessions for CD-Covers, etc.

Christian Bühner, Photographer
! LIVE !  Event Sessions

Creative Live Photo Sessions for Special Events

  1. Artistic actions for VIP events and guests in a professional mobile photoset

  1. Participating guests will receive a high-quality photo to commemorate the event

AudioVision Photo Studio
  1. Studio House in the capital, Santa Cruz 

  2. Cloakroom / makeup room, div. Lounges

  3. Private Guestrooms

  4. 6 Elincrome Flashes

  5. div. Light Formers, Beautydish, Stripelights ...

  6. Wide range of backgrounds

  1. Fashion • Beauty • Commercial

  2. Portrait • Nude • Events • Nature

Production Services
  1. Logistical infrastructure for comprehensive production services on Tenerife

  2. Professionals, Equipment, Locations, Casting etc.

Webdesign       AudioVision-Studios

AudioVision Studios

Studio House for Audio, Video, Photo Production, Tenerife

" Leave the winter´s grey behind
- be creative in the sun "

All over the year! Outdoor productions on Tenerife!

With 330 days of sunshine, his constant spring climate and the spectacular landscapes that range from sea shores and high alpine mountains to desert zones, Tenerife offers a unique variety of nature scenes and urban locations within one hour's drive.

The photo studio-house in the island's capital Santa Cruz can be the seat of your photo productions.